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Moja global is participating in Google Summer of Code 2022

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Harsh Mishra

Moja global is excited to announce that it is participating in Google Summer of Code 2022 as a mentoring organization. It will be the second time that Moja global would be participating in Google Summer of Code, and it will be the first time that Moja global is participating in Google Summer of Code as an individual organization. For the past two years, moja global hosted mentorship for over 17 students across various programs, towards a common idea: Supporting ambitious climate action by developing open-source software to help users accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forestry, agriculture and other land uses (AFOLU).

Moja global's participation in Google Summer of Code 2022

About Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is an annual program by Google, which provides an opportunity to students and professionals who are looking to get started with open-source development. Quoting Google Open Source's blog on Expanding Google Summer of Code in 2022:

At its heart, GSoC is a mentorship program where people interested in learning more about open source are welcomed into our open source communities by excited mentors ready to help them learn and grow as developers. The goal is to have these new contributors stay involved in open source communities long after their Google Summer of Code program is over.

Moja global participated in Google Summer of Code 2020 under the Digital Impact Alliance where three students were mentored by moja global's mentors and contributors and completed the Google Summer of Code program. This year we are planning to make this a bigger participation by having more projects, more mentors and more students!

Projects in Google Summer of Code

This year we are proposing to have the following projects in Google Summer of Code:

As the projects have been announced, we expect potential GSoC participants to join the respective working groups, engage with the mentors and fellow contributors over Slack channels, and submit their project proposals once the application window opens.

How do I apply?

We recommend checking out the Google Summer of Code Contributor guide to getting started. We encourage the potential GSoC participants to join our Slack workspace and join our upcoming working group meetings.

The application window opens on April 4, 2022. However, we want to work with potential student developers before GSoC starts. All the project ideas have a small task associated with them which you can find under the First steps section. The tasks are as simple as setting the project, running a user story and sharing your findings. Implementing these steps are a requirement to apply, hence please provide a short summary of your findings in your GSoC project proposal.

For more updates, please sign-up for the Google Summer of Code mailing lists.