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Progress so far - 2022 GSoD interns

· 2 min de lectura
Namya LG

Amarachi Iheanacho and Namya LG are GSoD interns for the year 2022.

Amarachi was offered the role of "Technical Writer 2". Her tasks mainly entail creating the Full Lands INtegration Tool (FLINT) handbook, credible case studies on both FLINT and the Generic Carbon Budget Model (GCBM), and simplifying the documentation for the "Understanding FLINT" section of the official moja global documentation. The FLINT Handbook will serve as a guide and provide extensive detail about the FLINT. In the initial weeks, Amarachi studied the GCBM and the FLINT and created a broad outline of the contents of the Handbook. She wrote a case study on how the GCBM can be used to report and assess the effects of anthropogenic activities on forests. Further, Amarachi worked on the chapters of the Handbook. Chapter 1 handles fundamental concepts like stocks, flows, states and transitions. This chapter also introduces the reader to organizations that significantly impact global decisions on the war against climate change. Chapter 2 discusses what FLINT is and, more importantly, the different modules FLINT uses to describe processes that drive carbon changes in a landscape. Chapter 3 discusses GCBM, the data required for the GCBM to simulate carbon flows, and, more importantly, how to conclude from the output that the GCBM gifts us. In the coming months, she will work on finishing the FLINT handbook, creating credible documentation for the understanding FLINT section of the moja global official documentation, and finally, case studies on climate change mitigation.

Namya was offered the role of "Technical Writer 1". The GCBM or (Generic Carbon Budget Model) is written in C++ and was not entirely documented. She started by creating a documentation website for GCBM based on Doxygen, explaining the different modules and functions of the GCBM. In order to obtain feedback for the moja global technical documentation from the users, Namya integrated a feedback funnel into the existing Sphinx website, and used Google Sheets as the backend. She has completed a case study on FLINT.Cloud and its significance in the ecosystem. She is currently revamping the documentation and building Sphinx documentation websites for the projects GCBM.Belize and GCBM.Colombia. Namya is also involved in community-building and coordinating the community meetings every week.