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FLINT is a modular and highly flexible open-source software technology designed to estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals by the land sector.

FLINT Reporting Tool

FLINT Reporting Tool offers functionality for classifying FLINT output results into standard reporting formats.


A FLINT client, written in Vue, to provide an awesome user interface for configuring simulations using the FLINT.Cloud APIs.


The project aims to build a continuous deployment pipeline to offer FLINT as a SaaS over cloud. The project also aims to simplify the process of installation by supporting a single command or step installation process.

Moja global docs

Repository to host the moja global technical documentation.

Generic Carbon Budget Model

Generic Carbon Budget Model (GCBM) is a spatially-explicit forest ecosystem carbon accounting tool developed by the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) at Natural Resources Canada, that functions on the FLINT platform.