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FLINT Changelog

Upcoming release


  • Integrated methods to assist large data aggregations.
  • Added shrink_to_fit for the RecordAccumulator2.
  • Added support for outputting properties of DynamicObject-style variables.
  • Added a tuple collection.
  • Added pre-allocated tuple and persistable vectors in the recordaccumulator.
  • Migrated to the SQLite open mode to explicitly read-only / no-mutex to improve read-only performance over NFS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing bugs around the GCBM compatibility.
  • Fixing issues on the Linux compilation.
  • Fixed environment variable issue.
  • Fixed issues with the column data when null values are present.
  • Fixed error in the Cmake setup in the base Docker file.
  • Fixed minmax windows macro issue.
  • Fix for OutputerStreamFlux.

Minor Chores/Improvements

  • Migrated to C++ 17.
  • Cleaned up exceptions for the next release.
  • Migrated to std::filesystem for the next release.
  • Removal of of Poco for std::filesystem.
  • Cleaned up OutputerStream and OutputerStreamFlux for the next release.
  • Removed ublas template class library.
  • Changes made to the std::mutex class.
  • Cleaned up Dockerfile for installation.

FLINT 1.1.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing issues with sleek.
  • Fixing the bug when no provider configuration is passed to the CLI.
  • Fixing missing link library.
  • Fixing issues on the Linux build.
  • Fixing issues with the FLINT.Test project.
  • Fixing issues with the external headers.
  • Fixing internal FLINT library loader for providers.

Minor Chores/Improvements

  • Upgrading the CMake files and fixing issues with CMake and Zipper files.
  • Renaming to

FLINT 1.0.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing folly compilation on Linux.
  • Fixing the Docker compile.
  • Fixing the Poco::Nullable namespace.
  • Fixing the hasher namespace.

FLINT 1.0.0

  • Initial release of the FLINT framework.