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Purpose and Overview

FLINT-UI provides an intuitive way for new to explore some preconfigured FLINT modules, including the Generic Budget Carbon Model (GCBM), in order to better understand how the FLINT system works. The client is written as a web application and can be used in a local or remote environment.

The project builds on the efforts of the FLINT Cloud project to offer a standardized interface for the FLINT system. This is critical to help drive the adoption of FLINT and help scale up the monitoring, reporting and validation of carbon emissions and sequestration from land use and land use change around the world.

Project Goals

  • Developing a customisable interface for the FLINT system to allow users to explore and validate the carbon budgeting model.
  • Provide a way for users to consume the FLINT Cloud APIs to access the FLINT system and the various modules.
  • Encompass result delivery in a single, easy to understand system to improve decision making processes.

Project Features

FLINT UI is a web-based service for FLINT. It allows users to run simulations on their browser and get results back along with simplifying the installation and configuration of FLINT.

The client currently uses VueJS and the FLINT Cloud API. To get started with FLINT UI, the user needs to install and configure Docker and Docker-Compose, and then run the FLINT UI client in a single click.