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Moja global's branding

Branding Guidelines

This file hosts the organization's brand assets and guidelines for moja global. We expect contributors and maintainers to follow these guidelines during content promotion, outreach, and communicating contribution efforts.


Moja global is always written in all lower case, except when at the start of a sentence in which case it appears as Moja global. Moja global is written in lower case because open source is also the lower case (even though both are registered trademarks). While there is no published reason why moja global uses lower case, some have explained the use of lower case as a contrast to proper nouns and as an expression of the supportive role moja global tries to fulfill.

Logo (Transparent Background)
Logo (White Background)

Against dark backgrounds, use the white versions of the logo. You can download the logos from the images directory.


  • Primary Typeface: Source Sans pro (Used on the Website)
  • Secondary Typeface: Ropa Sans (Used on the Presentation)

Secondary Typeface is used only when the Primary Typeface is not available.


  • Main Color: #699b98
  • Accent Color 1: #808080

The Accent Color is to be rarely used. The Main Color should be used across Font, Banners, and Menus.


The images should be high-quality, engaging photography that portrays images of landscapes, forests, plants, and communities, and individuals interacting with the landscape.

An example shown below is included in the images directory. Please ensure that proprietary photographs are credited if the source is known.