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Strategic Plan Change

The Annual Strategic Plans

What Is the moja global Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is an agreement reached between the users of moja global tools on how to best reach their joint objective, i.e. the widest possible use of and collaboration on open-source software to better manage the land sector. The Strategic Plan provides direction and focus. It also builds consensus because discussion between users creates a better understanding of the needs and thus the priorities. Anybody can make suggestions to the Strategic Plan.

What Does the Strategic Plan Look Like?

The Strategic Plan is as simple as possible. It states clear targets for each of the following layers:

  • Results
  • Features of moja global Tools
  • Capabilities of the moja global Organisation
  • Financial Resources.

The four layers of the strategic plan are based on the Balanced Scorecard for non-profit organisations. The four layers should be read as building blocks where the last layer (Financial Resources) is the foundation on which the next layer, moja global is built.

The moja global Software layer achieves the results which corresponds to the objectives of the organisation. The results have a positive outcome on all 3 other layers again which will result in a virtuous cycle of ever-improving results.

Development of the Strategic Plan

The following steps are to be followed while developing the next Strategic Plan:

  1. In November, suggestions for the Strategic Plan submitted on GitHub are collected and used as a basis for discussion.
  2. Through interviews with the Strategy Board Members individually and with (potential) users of moja global tools, targets for each of the 4 layers is defined and prioritized.
  3. In the same interviews, Strategy Board Members and (potential) users are asked to commit in kind or in cash contributions or potential sources where such contributions is obtained.
  4. A draft Strategic Plan is circulated to all Strategy Board Members and potential donors (possibly other stakeholders).
  5. The final version of the Strategic Plan is approved in the Board Meeting in January.
  6. The Strategy Board can review the Strategic Plan in their quarterly Board Meeting.