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Community Contributions

moja global is increasingly looking for new scientists, developers and researchers to join us and help improve our processes. We can collaborate on developing new projects, improve existing pipelines or maintaining the existing projects. Strategy Board members review the Strategic Plan, lay the roadmap ahead for moja global and are asked to commit in kind or in cash contributions or potential sources where contributions can be obtained. Please follow these steps to join the strategy board:

  1. Start using moja global tools.
  2. Review the moja global Governance Rules.
  3. Review the strategic plan.
  4. Send an email to indicating your interest to join the board.
  5. Make your case for joining based on a funding or non-funding participation agreement
  6. Sign and submit the relevant participation agreement.
  7. Await the countersignature of the Linux Foundation.
  8. Join the next Strategy Board.

Suggestions for the Strategic Plan

To provide suggestions for our Strategic Plan, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open a new issue. If the link does not work:
    • Navigate to the landing page of the About-moja-global repository.
    • Click Issues.
    • Click New Issue.
    • At the bottom of the page, click Open a Regular Issue.
  2. Start your title with the word Strategy: Use a clear and descriptive title.
  3. Select Strategy from the labels drop-down menu.
  4. Propose your strategic target in the body of the Issue. Then follow the template to provide as much details as possible which includes effective implementation approaches, potential in-kind or financial support, examples.
  5. Attach files, screenshots and/or animated GIFs.
  6. Click the green button Submit New Issue at the bottom right corner.

Organize events

Events are important to reach out to new users or improve collaboration. At moja global we are increasingly looking to a diverse group of contributors. Please have a look at the following steps to help us organize events:

  1. If you are organising an event or would like to assist with other events, please send us an email at
  2. Use a clear and descriptive title.
  3. Please provide background or references to prove your good intentions if you do not have a track record on GitHub.
  4. Attach files, screenshots and/or animated GIFs to illustrate your ideas
  5. Please allow a few days for moja global to reply.