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· 2 min read
Namya LG

Janvi Thakkar and Sanjay Singh Rajpoot are LFX mentees working on the project Cloud Native Measurement, reporting, and validation of carbon emissions. They are currently contributing to the FLINT.Cloud and FLINT.UI Projects.

FLINT UI provides a user-friendly interface to run simulations where Janvi has added the following components to the UI-Libary :

  • Card
  • Modal
  • Toast-alert
  • Box-alert
  • Animation effects of Accordion
  • Date picker (in progress)

Janvi is also contributing to developing the UI library. To further enhance the flexibility of deploying the FLINT.Cloud project, she is working on deploying the FLINT and GCBM examples on Kubernetes both on a local and production level. The Azure Kubernetes Service will be used at the production level.

Sanjay started his term working on the FLINT.Cloud. His first task was to implement the CI/CD pipeline for the FLINT and GCBM examples, which required the creation of a new container image on the Azure Container Registry, every time code was pushed to the master branch of the FLINT.Cloud repository. To simplify the production setup further, Sanjay worked in association with Harsh, his mentor to write and test Terraform scripts (Terraform is Infrastructure As A Service, i.e resources required for performing tasks are provisioned by means of writing scripts) that can be used to deploy FLINT.Cloud on Azure. The GCBM example provides REST APIs to run a simulation. Earlier it supported only a static configuration. In the previous LFX term, Padmaja worked on a boilerplate template to accommodate dynamic inputs. This work is being carried forward further by Sanjay, who is working on developing API endpoints and the user interface

· 4 min read
Harsh Mishra

Moja global is excited to announce the selection of two LFX mentees working to support our mission in developing open-source Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying (MRV) software for forestry, agriculture and other land use (AFOLU) sectors.

LFX mentorship program is supported by the Linux Foundation to train, support and sponsor the next generation of open-source developers. With the help of LFX mentorship, moja global has built a strong, inclusive and vibrant community with over 8 mentees graduating since its inception. Through LFX, we are looking to further progress on our Cloud native measurement, reporting and validation of carbon emissions project that aims to develop a cloud deployment framework for rapid deployment of FLINT implementations.

Over the past three terms, we have worked on building the FLINT.Cloud and FLINT-UI, our cloud deployment framework and User-interface client respectively. The experimental implementations were a success and validated our workflow of offering an easy entry point for new users to evaluate the FLINT platform and provide a blueprint for new users to roll their own. In the Spring 2022 term, we aim to further progress on the implementation and roll out new features for our FLINT.Cloud and FLINT-UI platform.

Based on the application process, which revolved around submitting a resume, cover letter and past community interactions, we selected two mentees: Soham Shah and Padmaja Bhol.

Soham Shah

Picture of Soham. Soham is the LFX 2022 Spring mentee from moja global

Soham Shah is a Software Engineer, open-source contributor and Research Enthusiast based in India. He is a final year student at Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering, pursuing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) degree.

He is a JavaScript Engineer, exploring into the areas of full stack development, Design Systems, Web Performance and Frontend Tooling. Soham is an open-source enthusiast and has been an active contributor to moja global. He is currently co-leading UI Working Group at the moja global community.

Outside moja global, he is the core-collaborator at Chakra UI, a popular open-source component library, and has been involved with their documentation and triaging team. Being passionate about sharing learnings and insights about web development, he has delivered tech talks at various tech meetups like ReactJS Bangalore and JSMeetup, and an active member in these communities.

During the LFX Mentorship term, he is indeed excited to contribute towards FLINT-UI project to build useful tools, write quality code, get mentored and ship great features; and in turn, create a strong impact towards combating climate change via the power of code.

Padmaja Bhol

Picture of Padmaja. Padmaja is the LFX 2022 Spring mentee from moja global

Padmaja Bhol is currently a Ceramic undergrad at the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India. She is inspired by how open-source communities come together to build, test, and promote the software they love. She is interested in full-stack web development, cloud-native, and technical documentation.

She learnt about moja global through Hacktoberfest and has been an active contributor since then. Padmaja had previously mentored for moja global during Winter of Code where she helped fellow developers to make contributions to the organisation. She has always been fascinated by the wide array of technologies, moja global had to offer and it was through the organisation that she decided to step away from her comfort zone as a front-end developer to explore the world of cloud-native and backend development.

Now, she enjoys the variety in the learning curves that come with new challenges. Thanks to the vibrant community here, she was able to navigate the blockers by networking and collaborating with like-minded folks across the community, some of whom have gone of their way to help her out. Through LFX Mentorship, she is looking to contribute to projects that help fight climate change.

How to get involved?​

Moja global will be opening applications for LFX mentees next for Summer 2022. You can find more details about the project and the application process on the projects page. Moja global hosts mentorship programs for students and professionals to learn more about open-source software and get involved in the open-source community.

We are looking for students and professionals to join us in our mentorship programs. If you are interested in learning more about open-source software, or if you are interested in getting involved in the open-source community, please join our Slack community.