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Meet moja global 2021 Outreachy interns

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Harsh Mishra

Moja global is excited to announce the selection of three Outreachy interns working to support our mission in developing open-source Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying (MRV) software for forestry, agriculture and other land use (AFOLU) sectors.

Outreachy provides open-source internships to under-represented groups in the technology industry. Through Outreachy, we can provide a platform for our interns to learn about our open-source software and gain experience in the industry while making viable contributions to the open-source community.

Moja global participated in the December 2021 Outreachy internships with the project Climate change mitigation: entending models of forest carbon pools to new countries. The project aims for the following:

  • Development of FLINT module to account for the dynamics of carbon from forest living biomass into dead organic matter pools (DOM).
  • Implement continuous integration and deployment pipelines for FLINT Reporting and the other projects in the moja global ecosystem.
  • Developing and documenting a framework to ensure long-term reproducibility of Python-based data analysis on moja global datasets.

We received 9 community applications during the contribution phase, out of which 8 submitted their final applications. Most of them were able to complete their good first issues successfully and completed their first task. The task involved analyzing moja global datasets from our Land Sector datasets repo and using data analysis tools to prepare an exploratory report. We would like to thank all the contributors who worked on this project and we hope that they will be able to contribute to the future of moja global.

Based on the work developed and the other contributions, we selected three interns: David Guevara-Apaza, Simple Shell and Asmi Jafar.

Outreachy Intern #1: David Guevara-Apaza

Picture of David. David is the Outreachy 2021 Intern from moja global

David Guevara-Apaza is from Cusco, Peru and has recently graduated in Biology. He holds a passion for computational biology and AI in topics related to conservation, biodiversity and bioinformatics. His interest gave him the motivation to apply for Outreachy Internships. He hopes to use this opportunity to keep working on environmental initiatives using data analysis, modelling and technology as a potential tool to enrich projects and get interdisciplinary works to another level.

Outreachy Intern #2: Simple Shell

Picture of Simple Shell. Simple Shell is the Outreachy 2021 Intern from moja global

Simple Shell hails from Cameroon and is based in the city of Dschang. He loves every aspect of tech especially coding and data analysis. He has a profound interest in developing the world by contributing to projects to curb environmental and societal ills.

Outreachy Intern #3: Asmi Jafar

Picture of Asmi Jafar. Asmi is the Outreachy 2021 Intern from moja global

Asmi Jafar is a Computer Science graduate from Aligarh Muslim University, India. She is profoundly influenced by technology and the various ways she can use it to express art. She is quite interested in web development and research and is curious to learn and contribute to projects. Her interest in moja global came through knowing about its projects and future goals. She also loves reading and painting, and she quotes one of her favourite lines from a book titled: The Last Lecture:

The Brick walls are there for a reason, they are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.

We want to thank the Software Freedom Conservancy for running the Outreachy internships. Welcome, David, Asmi and Simple Shell to the Outreachy Internships! Thanks for your interest, and we hope it will be a great learning experience for all of you!

How to get involved?

Moja global hosts mentorship programs for students and professionals to learn more about open-source software and get involved in the open-source community. We are looking for students and professionals to join us in our mentorship programs. If you are interested in learning more about open-source software, or if you are interested in getting involved in the open-source community, please join our Slack community.

To know more about the mentorship programs we participate in, have a look at our mentorship page.